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GetPHP 8 Solutions - Dynamic Web Design and Development Made Easy

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PHP 8 Solutions - Dynamic Web Design and Development Made Easy | E-Books -

PHP 8 Solutions - Dynamic Web Design and Development Made Easy

«PHP 8 is a major update of one of the most widely used languages for developing dynamic web sites.»

PHP 8 is a major update of one of the most widely used languages for developin g dynamic web sites. I t was
released in No vember 2020. So how could a book released less than 12 months l ater have man aged to get
to its fifth edition? Quite simply, this is the fifth itera tion of my book PHP Solutions that was first published
in 2006. When the fourth edition came out in 2019, it was felt important to indicate which vers ion of PHP
it cover ed. So, although the structur e of the book remains close to the original, the code has gone through
major r evision each time.
The fact that PHP Solutions has r emained so popular owes a great deal to the concept of the book’ s first
editor , Chr is Mills . He wanted a book that dealt with practical pr oblems in easily digestible bites ; but we
agreed that it sho uldn’t be yet another code “ cookbook, ” a format th at was popular at the time. The pr oblem
with the cookbook approach is that the r eader is presented with a potentially useful block of code but no
indication of how it migh t be used in a real-world situation. PHP Solutions aims to provide solutions to
practical pr oblems rather than a series of meaningless exercises .

How Easy Is It?
I’ ve always felt concerned about unduly raising r eaders’ expectations with the subtitle of this book, Dynamic
W eb Design and Development Made Easy. PHP is not difficult , but nor is it like an instant cake mix: just
add water and stir . Every web site is different, so it’ s impossible to grab a script, paste it in to a web page,
and expect it to work. My aim is to help web desi gners with little or no knowledge of programming gain the
confidence to dive into the code and adjust it to their own r equirements.
Y ou don’t need any previous experience of PHP or another programmin g language to be able to use this
book ; but it does move at a fast pace. After the first few ch apters, you start working with r elatively advanced
features of the lan guage. Don’t let that put you off . Regard it as a ch allenge.
How you use the book will depend on your level of experience. If y ou’re new to PHP and progr amming,
start at the beginning and work your wa y gradually through the book. I t’ s organized as a logical sequence
with each chapter building on knowledge and skills g ained in previous ones. When describing the code, I try
to explain what it does in plain language . I avoid j argon, but not technical terms (each new term is described
briefly when it’ s first encountered). If you ha ve more experience with PHP , you can pr obably jump strai ght
into whatever in terests you. E ven if the code makes sense to you without my explanations , I hope the text
throws ligh t onto my thought pr ocesses when solving a problem with PHP .

A Word of Caution About PHP Versions
Because hosting companies ar e often slow to upgrade the version of PHP that they offer , previous editions
of this book provided work arounds for older versions of PHP .T his time, I don’t. In some res pects, this is a
gamble. As of mid-2021, les s than one percent of web servers running PHP were using PHP 8. This means
code that works perfectly in a local testing en vironment is likely to br eak when it’ s uploaded to a remote
server unless you have upgraded to PHP 8. H owever , active support for the last version of PHP 7 (7.4) ends in
No vember 2021, shortly after this book’ s publication.

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